Email from Moshe Kruger, Executive Director of St. Joseph Valley Jewish Federation, South Bend, Indiana

Dear Beth and Berit,

Our Federation Art Committee met yesterday to review the Out of the Narrows exhibit which opened here on April 16. Our review was totally positive! We were most impressed by both of your professionalism and expertise in transporting and in hanging the show. We thought that the artwork was exceptional and that the accompanying dialogue was very helpful in relating the Haggadah to the artists' expression.

Beth and Berit, your introduction to the process of making the Haggadah and your help with arrangements were invaluable. The calligraphy workshop by Judy Joseph was fun and well attended.

We had many events during the time Out of the Narrows was hanging, and hundreds of people viewed the exhibit! That was beyond our expectations.

In all, it was a pleasure working with you and The Jewish Artist Collective Chicago. Thank you so much for going out of your way to bring this exhibit to our community. It is definitely an effort to be proud of!

Sincerely, Moshe Kruger, Executive Director, and the Federation Art Committee: Natalie Klein, Lynda Simon, Diane Sarnat, and Marsha Brook