The Jewish Artists Collective Chicago (JACC) is now accepting membership applications.

JACC membership is open to Chicago and vicinity artists who identify as Jewish artists.

Why join JACC?

JACC is a community of multidisciplinary artists connected through common heritage and committed to sharing ideas, enriching practices, and creating dialogue with community. 

 JACC was formed with the following objectives:

  • Elevate personal practice by providing a forum to discuss contemporary ideas as they relate to art, culture or Jewish themes
  • Share resources, ideas and insights into our creative processes
  • Provide a positive experience of Jewish culture and thought through art
  • Provide a nurturing environment to identify as Jewish artists
  • Curate and participate in exhibitions of members’ artwork
  • Contribute operational contacts to aid in the production and sharing of our work
  • Provide artistic knowledge and services related to Jewish art in the community
  • Create opportunities for dialogue among interfaith groups with the goal of inclusion
  • Maintain an organizational website in order to provide information to the community at large about JACC artists and our community enrichment activities

There are two classes of membership: Regular and Associate. Regular members are entitled to full benefits of the JACC. Associate membership is only open to former regular members and are permitted inclusion of content on the website. 

What does it mean to identify as a Jewish Artist?

"Art and Judaism are our core identities. We leave the practical definition of this up to the individual member. Some artists work with more overtly Jewish content than others. We have members who create ritual items, and others create visual art that is inspired by Jewish text and history. Amongst us, there is often an overlapping of community, text, and personal expression. Our members recognize that there has been an explosion in contemporary Jewish creative production. In our diversity of ideas and artistic output, we are united by memory of place and heritage. Just as certain prayers can only be said in the presence of a minyan, we are committed to working within a community as essential to being a Jewish artist." 
Ellen Holtzblatt, one of our JACC founding members


Application procedure:

Each application requires the following components:

  • A statement, limited to 500 words, explaining interest in membership and forms of contribution to the further development of the group
  • A biography presented in third person
  • Five (5) images of current work
  • Your website link

JACC is proud of the artistic professionalism and industry reputation of its members as well as their capacity and willingness to collaborate. We, as a collective, are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in all we do.

Submit electronic applications in a compressed (stuffed folder) labeled with your name to:

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis at our bimonthly meetings. Prospective members will be contacted by JACC regarding next steps.