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Jewish Artists Collective of Chicago (JACC) is a community of artists connected through common heritage and committed to sharing ideas, enriching practices, and creating dialogue with community. We are passionate about the importance of contemporary Jewish art and its role in deepening community. It is integral to our core mission to reach out and share the rich culture and meaning derived from our work with others. We do this through exhibitions, studio tours, artist talks, hands-on workshops, artist-in-residence programs, art consulting, commissioned work, and immersive experiences. Through these exchanges, we strive to create community dialogue, share the meaning and emotional impact of viewing and making art, enrichment programs and shared cultural experiences.

JACC's community impact 

Letter received from the Chicago Jewish Historical Society

“Dear Board Members,

A delighted crowd of more than 30 CJHS members filled the studio of the Jewish Arts Collective Chicago for a fascinating, intimate encounter with five wonderful artists and their art. We viewed art created in a range of media, heard the personal histories and Jewish ideas that inspire each artist, and learned about the artists' creative process. Thanks to Bev for suggesting this program, to Jerry for arranging the program, and to artist Judith Joseph, the Collective coordinator, who curated and moderated the program."


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