Dimitri Pavlotsky

Bio: Dimitri Pavlotsky is a Chicago-based artist since 1994. He grew up in Moscow, Russia, where he received traditional academic training. As the training was excellent, he found it limiting. There, emotions didn’t seem to carry as much value as skills. Discovering Modern Art while studying architecture back in Moscow, has allowed him to go deeper inside by experimenting with visual languages.
Artist Statement: I paint quickly; speed grabs essence better than deliberation. I would rather stick with gut reactions than pursue an analytical process.
I start by creating a realistic depiction, but quickly lose interest because it’s just an illustration. I am looking to create a picture that is not about something, but can stand on its own. The more exciting phase begins as I destroy the original image. This process of destruction opens a dialog with the material, usually nothing much is left from the original drawing. A new image is born that had never been planned which conveys an emotion that came out of necessity. It’s not an illustration of a subject matter anymore, but of my emotion. I usually don’t know what that emotion is going to be until the painting is done. This makes the process of painting exciting and also fraught with dangers as I apply materials in non-traditional ways. This process leads to new discoveries which I then incorporate into the final image because they tell a deeper story.