An Online Class on the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible)

as reflected in Berit Engen’s contemporary tapestries

§ THE TORAH – Love, Rivalry, and Murder, He Spoke
§ MY TANAKH MAP – The Scriptures Color-Coded
§ THE FIVE SCROLLS – Slim Books, Wide Scopes
§ SONG OF THE SEA – And a Man with a Plan
§ OUR TORAH SCROLLS – Shalom, Good Lookin’!
In the five 2024 winter/spring sessions participants will learn selected Bible texts and stories. Berit will give a colorful overview of the 24 books (from Genesis to Chronicles) that comprise the Hebrew Bible and the division of the text of these books into chapters, verses, and other smaller units, with a focus on how to find one’s way in our holy book. The last session will explore facts about the Torah scroll and its beauty.
FIVE one-hour ZOOM sessions, 4-5 pm,CT
(5-6 pm, ET / 3-4 pm, MT / 2-3 pm, PT)
LAST TUESDAY of each month,
January 30
February 27
March 26
April 30
May 28

Standing Still in White by the Sea of Reeds, by Berit Engen

“ZOOM, LOOK, LISTEN!” is led by fine-arts weaver and Biblical Hebrew teacher, Berit Engen, and draws from her project, “WEFT and D’RASH – A Thousand Jewish Tapestries.” beritengen.com “ZOOM, LOOK, LISTEN!” consists of five independent sessions. Come to one, or come to all! Participants do not
need to prepare in advance. Each session includes a fifteen-minute Q&A. Any questions for Berit? (630) 235 1998
“ZOOM, LOOK, LISTEN!” is a free program. Please make a one-time registration by email to receive monthly reminders, Zoomlinks, and brief descriptions of sessions. beritengen27@gmail.com
This class is sponsored by the Creative Community of Oak Park 
 is designed and administered by Berit Engen in collaboration with and under the supervision of Rabbi Max Weiss.
Oak Park Temple, 1235 N. Harlem, Oak Park, IL 60305